What you can do with just a few clicks

WhatsApp recently introduced, without too much valve, a new function. Are you curious to see who you talk to the most through this messaging application? Then you should know that WhatsApp can show you who these people are, depending on the number of messages sent and received, shows The Independent. You can also find out […]

The most toxic experience of my life

Working on Facebook would be a unique opportunity for anyone. “Instead, it was the most toxic work experience of my life,” says a young woman who was actually employed by the IT giant. Her job was to select the links that would appear in the Trending Box, a section on the right side of a […]

Would you let your dog or cat donate blood? That’s why you should do this

Approximately 200 dogs and 30 cats regularly donate blood in Romania to the only pet blood bank in the country, located in the Capital. This blood has been used for transfusions for over 1,500 animals. In some cases, not a few, lives were saved. “Active canine donors, who donate regularly (once a month), are about […]

Methods for maintaining tone and youth

From a certain age, especially after 35-40 years, when full maturity comes into its own, the preoccupation with the external aspect becomes greater, with important psychological connotations on each person. Some of us, a little luckier, have inherited through the genetic dowry an enviable physical appearance at any age. These people enjoy the so-called “ageless […]

(P) LPG installations for cars with direct petrol injection

The new injection technologies that have appeared on the latest types of cars from most car manufacturers are already about to become more uniform and we see how the whole car industry is focusing on the new direct fuel injection systems, very efficient in terms of consumption. The capacity of the engines is relatively small […]

One in four pregnant women has mental health problems

Expectant mothers should shine with happiness every moment. However, a study carried out in the UK shows that a quarter of pregnant women face mental health problems during pregnancy. The study conducted by researchers at King’s College London took part of 545 pregnant women, consulted in the prenatal period between November 2014 and June 2016. […]

It has not even been officially launched, as the new Samsung Galaxy Fold already has problems: What did the journalists who tested it notice (Photo & Video)

Samsung launches new Samsung Galaxy Fold folding phones next week. These are available on pre-order, but several models have already been distributed to specialists in the field for reviews. The big surprise, however, when they are used: The screens break extremely easily, they transmit several publications in the field. And that’s in the case of […]