Célimène Daudet, sweet touches – Culture / Next

How is Célimène Daudet? Very well, she is in confinement. Like musicians all over the world, the pianist watches the hours pass away from the virus, without knowing when she can return to the stages. But she still has a news in her bow. In this case the release of a new album, Black Mass, […]

At war with boredom: porn stars, folk rhymes and roommate vampires

1- With sun and poppers For years, Karen and Barry Mason’s children thought their parents were odd booksellers that when they walked through the store, they were told to bow their heads and look at their shoes. In reality, the couple, an ex-journalist passionate about censorship, an engineer who worked in the field of special […]

Chronic rivals and landing neighbors

There are millions of cities around the world. Its inhabitants have cultures, ways of doing and traditions different from any other. Each city is unique. To explain these realities, to be there and to see it is essential. For Jordi Brescó and Pau Riera the best way to do this is through football. Not only […]

“White nights”, the in-between dream – Culture / Next

Sometimes it only takes a few things for a film to haunt cinephile imaginations: a slamming title like an oxymoron shrouded in mystery, a silhouette of a woman lost in the mist, her spectral presence captured in the compactness of the void around her of her, a man whom this mad solitude imperiously attracts because […]

“My Days of Glory”, Vincent Lacoste takes center stage

Having drawn a familiar and engaging figure from film to film, Vincent Lacoste has become one of those actors capable of inspiring an entire film. With his character of sympathetic goofy but charming, depressive but funny glandeur, My glory days seems perfectly tailored for him. He plays an ex-child star who tries to relaunch his […]

François-Frédéric Guy: “Beethoven is in a permanent revolution”

The musical world is brimming with commemorations and tributes to Ludwig van Beethoven. Why this craze? Because he was born two hundred and fifty years ago. Deuce. Eager not to let ourselves be drowned in this torrent of reverences, we too have decided to pay homage to the deaf of Bonn, by asking several musicians […]

“La Parisienne”, a myth since beautiful lorette

The Parisian stands out for its “Organic link to fashion and clothing” and by his way of being in the world. Identified by Rousseau in the New Heloise, it owes its existence to the displacement of the court of Versailles to the capital, effect of the Revolution. Notwithstanding, it is not limited to this figure; […]

Liberato, the strange Neapolitan – Culture / Next

There is a knock on the door: a messenger hands us a vinyl adorned with a rose taped to the cover. “From a Neapolitan admirer”, he blows before disappearing. We note that the rose is already withered. Perhaps because of the trip from Naples, cradle of the Liberato phenomenon, mysterious singer who since Valentine’s Day […]