Luisana Lopilato’s double was natural and caused a furor |

A young woman has thousands and thousands of followers for being similar to Luisana Lopilato. It is not only her face but also, she is dedicated to imitate her performances and many agree that they look like two drops of water. According to what the site Todo Noticias (TN) Malena Chiclana published, the young woman […]

Luis Novaresio got engaged to her boyfriend: “What I love this guy” |

There is no quarantine for love. This was understood by Luis Novaresio and his boyfriend Braulio Bauab, who celebrated their engagement despite the coronavirus. The couple announced that they will soon say yes and anticipated a celebration with alliances, toasts and music. According to what La Nación published, the Rosario journalist and the real estate […]

Apartment where Che was born is for sale and faces an uncertain fate | Society

The home where the emblematic revolutionary was born Ernesto Che Guevara, which became a magnet for thousands of visitors in the Argentine city of Rosario, is for sale and its destination is uncertain. Located in a central corner of this city, 340 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, the French-style stately department in the second of […]

Che’s native apartment for sale in Argentina

The apartment which gave birth to the famous guerrillas Ernesto “Che” Guevara, which attracts thousands of visitors to the Argentinian city of Rosario, is for sale. Located in the city center of the second largest city in the country, 340 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, this vast bourgeois-style mansion, on the second floor of a […]

Rosario had no cases and in the province of Santa Fe there was only one

After yesterday’s positive case, Rosario did not register new cases of coronaviruswhile there was a case in the province of Santa Fe, in the town of Desvío Arijón, in the San Jerónimo department, according to the information provided tonight by the provincial government, based on the report presented by the Provincial Epidemiology Directorate. In this […]

DAmico did not rule out that Messi can come to Newells

Lionel Messi it was always the dream of Newell’s. And it continues to be because in football what would seem that today cannot be realized perhaps tomorrow will. Everything is difficult, even more because he is the best player in the world, although the doors of the Colossus have been open wide for years in […]

La NASA offers a space-scented perfume for sale |

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration years ago created a perfume with “smell of outer space” so that the astronauts who were sent there get used to the aroma. That same product now It will be produced on a large scale and marketed to the general public. The perfume is called Eau de Space and […]