Parallel universe: NASA confirmed that it exists |

A group of scientists from NASA claimed to have evidence to confirm that there is a parallel universe and that is right next to ours. The researchers stated that in the parallel universe, all the laws of physics could be completely opposite to what we know. In other words, a world where time goes backwards. […]

A phenomenon in the Sun could cause earthquakes and frost |

E. Sol is going through a stage of “confinement”, in which its activity is reduced, affecting its magnetic field and filtering cosmic rays into space, for this very reason, many claimed that this It can be dangerous for the Earth, which would suffer earthquakes and frost. However, this may not be so, according to NASA […]

How the pandemic affects the emotional well-being of Argentines

The 21st Century University updated its Index of Emotional Well-Being and Stress in Argentine Workers in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic. The health emergency impacted 73% of the workers in Argentina, either due to the reduction in hours, the inability to carry out the work activity or the change in their routines through the […]

Medicine researchers create a platform for the safe way out of isolation

While awaiting the creation of therapies or vaccines in the medium term, it is important to create capacities that allow minimizing the impact on the health of our communities by quickly and permanently identifying the “critical sectors”, and giving local sovereignty by reducing dependence on highly imported reagents. demanded worldwide. That is why a group […]

Javkin: “We are working to release more activities” |

This Friday night, during the press conference in Olivos regarding the extension of the quarantine, President Alberto Fern├índez highlighted especially the good work of Rosario. The city counted 13 consecutive days without cases of coronavirus. The mayor Pablo Javkin, was proud about it on Twitter but warned that “It is no accident”. Confirmed that from […]

The last supermoon of 2020 copied social networks |

During the night and overnight of May 7, on the eve of day 50 of the quarantine in Argentina due to the world pandemic of covid-19, the moon went into action. Many Twitter users took advantage to enjoy it and share their photos on the bird’s network. The next supermoon will occur in April 2021. […]