Bomber: That’s how the air war against Germany really started

Es started very early on Pentecost Sunday. At around 0.25 on May 12, 1940, British bombs fell on a German city for the first time – Mönchengladbach, then written in Munich-Gladbach. The previous attacks on Wilhelmshaven had only applied to the war port and at least damaged some cruisers and destroyers. On Pentecost Saturday evening, […]

Why many caregivers in the UK die of Covid-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commemorates the dead of the National Health Service with a minute’s silence. Picture: dpa Britain is on the way to becoming Europe’s sad corona death record holder. A disproportionate number of nurses and doctors die. Prime Minister Johnson is said to have reacted too late to the crisis. EActually, the rule […]

“Grün’s Weinstuben”: Wine tasting despite World War II

Dhe story would be well made up if it were. But it is not. So she speaks volumes about the defiant resistance of the bureaucratic logic and the vernacular across all system breaks. She says just as much about the mentality of the people who live from and with viticulture. Because after the harvest is […]

“Bomber’s Baedeker”: Digitized book of the English Air Force in Mainz

The “Bomber’s Baedeker” was a travel guide for pilots of the Royal Air Force who carried out air raids on Germany during the Second World War. It lists all of the industrial facilities that were important to the war and which the British knew about. There are only three copies of this exciting source worldwide. […]

Obituary of Freeman Dyson | Sciences

The physicist Freeman Dyson, who died at age 96, became famous within science for mathematical solutions so advanced that they could only be applied to complex problems of atomic theory and popular with the public for such crazy ideas that seemed beyond The madness. As a young graduate student, Dyson devised, while taking a Greyhound […]

Prince Harry, Jon Bon Jovi record the single Invictus Games

“Artist formerly known as Prince” Harry will enter a studio to meet rock superstar Jon Bon Jovi, who is recording a special single before the Invictus Games. Prince Harry returned to the United Kingdom this week from Canada for a series of royal commitments that will likely be the last as an active member of […]

“Appeasing Hitler”, the worst diplomacy

The strategy that London and Paris followed, up to 1939, towards Nazi Germany seems in many respects incomprehensible. Far from adopting a firm policy towards a country still vacillating, the two Allies practiced theappeasement, an ineffective diplomacy of abandonment since it combined the woes of war with the bitter fruits of dishonor. Rather, however, than […]

The Queen’s Secret Sign to Prince Harry

For a person so fluent in the art of silent and regal traffic light, the Queen’s most recent trip to the Church said it all. There he was last Sunday making his annual weekly pilgrimage to one of the six churches in the area around Sandringham, his Georgian red brick stack in Norfolk (even near […]