Super models of RTX 30 GPUs may have leaked | Hardware

The now well-known hardware insider kopite7kimi shared a set of specs of potentially upcoming Nvidia GeForce graphics cards in the RTX 30 generation. It would be the Super models of the RTX 3060, RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and even the RTX 3090. The specs are nowhere near official, but kopite7kimi has shown in the past […]

After TSMC, Samsung officially announced the price increase of chip foundry: an increase of up to 20%-Samsung, chips, RTX 3080 ——Quick Technology (Media under Drivehome)——Technology changes the future

Further price increases in the global semiconductor chip market are inevitable-a few days ago, TSMC announced that its foundry business has increased prices as much as possible20%After that, Samsung has now officially followed up, and the price will rise as much as20%。 According to reports, Samsung has notified customers that it will increase the foundry […]