Velvet – Gummy Candy – Gisele Bündchen consoles herself with this man after her husband

Although Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen lived an apparently idyllic marriage, full of success and love, it was recently announced that their relationship had finally run aground. Apparently, the model didn’t stay single for long. Last weekend, photographers caught the celebrity in the company of trainer Joaquim Valente as they left a restaurant. According to […]

Velvet – Gumicukor – Orlando Bloom relaxes in a climbing club in Óbuda

The actor is clearly enjoying the opportunities offered by the Hungarian capital. Earlier, Velvet also reported that Orlando Bloom is currently filming his latest, Grand Touring his film. The popular actor was also accompanied to Hungary by his wife, Katy Perry, whose birthday was recently celebrated in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Budapest. Bloom published a […]

Velvet – Gummy Candy – Michael Douglas has become almost completely unrecognizable

The 78-year-old actor took part in a basketball match, but the people around him hardly even recognized who was sitting next to them. Michael Douglas visited the immediate neighbor of Paris, Levallois-Perret, to personally attend the November 4th match between the French basketball teams Métropolitan 92 and Limoges. The acting legend took a seat in […]

Velvet – Gummy Candy – These stars were hated from Hollywood because of their looks

It is a common human trait that we sometimes tend to compare ourselves to others, and it happens to many that they measure their beauty against Hollywood stars, and therefore set unrealistic expectations for themselves. This is not good for self-confidence. Hollywood stars didn’t always burst out of confidence either, in fact: many celebrities were […]

Velvet – Gumicukor – Márk Lakatos apologized to Joci Pápai

The stylist previously criticized Joci Pápai and Majka’s latest song. As Velvet previously reported, Majka and Pápai Baroque released his latest song with the title, whose lyrics, video clip, and even the title of the song were strongly criticized by Márk Lakatos. The stylist believed that the number had nothing to do with the Baroque […]