A new development regarding the health condition of the infant, who was born under the rubble in Syria, and the controversy over her kidnapping from the hospital has been resolved

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The husband of the infant’s aunt, who was born under the rubble in Syria, revealed that the baby is in good health, noting that she is still undergoing treatment at Jahan Specialist Hospital, north of Aleppo. Regarding the attempts to kidnap her, he explained that the Syrian regime tried through people to kidnap […]

Watch.. a citizen tells the details of his son’s death under the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey.. and reveals what he felt 4 days before the disaster

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Citizen Mustafa Al-Safwani narrated the story of the death of his son Hamza, who was killed under the rubble of a residential building in Antakya, Turkey, due to the devastating earthquake. He said during an interview with Al-Arabiya TV: “Four days before the earthquake, I felt that something would happen, but not that […]

Faisal Al-Abdul-Karim tells the tragic stories of the moment the bodies were recovered from under the rubble in Turkey • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The content creator, Faisal Al-Abdul-Karim, narrated stories he described as tragic, sad and lamentable on the ground while accompanying the Saudi relief campaign for those affected by the earthquake in the city of Antioch, Turkey. Al-Abdulkarim said, through a video on his page on “Tik Tok”, that today the Saudi Civil Defense extracted […]

Dresden 1945: “Mosquitos” showed the way to the Royal Air Force

Second World War Dresden 1945 Britain’s wooden miracle flyer showed the bomber fleets the way The first planes to reach Dresden on the night of February 14, 1945 were “Mosquitos”. As signposts, they were irreplaceable for the Royal Air Force bombers. At first, their leadership did not want to know anything about the small aircraft. […]

Putin challenges the world and annexes Ukrainian territories – World

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decrees recognizing the “independence” of the Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Tass reports it. Moscow had already recognized the other two Ukrainian regions, Donetsk and Lugansk, as independent from Kiev, on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine in February. With a ceremony in the Kremlin, Putin will […]

In a video Mariupol patients ‘deported to Russia’ – World

Women, children and the elderly who walk in line, with a terrified look and then get on Russian armored vehicles. To show it is a video posted on Telegram by the municipality of Mariupol denouncing the “deportation to Russia” of the staff and patients of the city hospital. Armed men, according to Ukrinform, entered the […]

From Mariupol to Odessa, ‘Putin remains rubble’ – World

“The city is gone, there are only ruins. It is impossible to rebuild. If the Russians took it too they would have conquered rubble”. In a nutshell, Anastasiya sums up the paradox of the invasion of Moscow: in his destructive charge he no longer even serves his interests. Anastasiya is one of the thousands of […]

Carcinogenic substances discovered in the Rhein-Selz-Park – SWR Aktuell

Carcinogenic substances have been discovered in rubble in the Rhein-Selz-Park, the former barracks site near Nierstein. The rubble has probably been stored openly on the site for years. The area in question is the former “Family Housing” of US soldiers. After US forces left, a Kuwaiti investor bought the site in 2018. He wanted to […]