Army exhausted: Russia sends prisoners to war against Ukraine- Ukraine war

KYIV: Ukraine’s military says Russia is using prisoners of war to fight against Ukraine. Ukraine’s military also said that untrained people are being recruited to fight. 53 Brigade Major Serji said that Russia is sending a number of men with guns ahead of them. They can only hold on for a few minutes. Russia sends […]

Russian tank caught fire in Ukraine attack: Video – Ukraine War

Kyiv ∙ The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that 9 more Russian tanks were destroyed by airstrikes. She also shared a video of the attack on Twitter. Ukraine also claimed that the number of destroyed Russian tanks would soon reach 2,000. The airstrike was directed at another tank which was running through the wrecked […]

Message from a Russian soldier discussed at the UN General Assembly

Kyiv ∙ ‘We are bombing all cities: targeting civilians’ – this sentence was quoted in a screenshot by Ukraine’s envoy to the UN General Assembly, Sergei Kyslitzya. Sergei claims that the screenshot contains a message sent to his mother in his hometown before the death of a Russian soldier killed in Ukraine. He read the […]