S10 will release duet with BLØF next month | NOW

S10 recorded a song with the band BLØF. The singer told Thursday evening during a concert in Patronaat in Haarlem that the duet should appear next month. The singer, who was born as Stien den Hollander, let her audience in Haarlem know that it was the first time she announced the existence of the song. […]

The Depth of S10 first Dutch song with million streams in 24 hours | NOW

Although S10 may not have finished as high in the Eurovision Song Contest as the Netherlands had hoped, that has not yet had any consequences for the streams of her song. The depth† The song is the first Dutch-language song to be streamed more than a million times on Spotify in 24 hours, reports the […]

Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The biggest music festival in Europe erupted again tonight with the grand finale from Turin, Italy. None other than Ukraine eventually emerged as the big winner of 2022, but despite the many predictions, it remained incredibly exciting until the end. This was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The most striking moments of […]

Worry about bare belly S10 at Eurovision Song Contest

S10 revealed what she’s wearing during the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend. Bee RTL Boulevard Aran Bade immediately expressed his concerns: the Viktor & Rolf creation would be ‘too naked’. Simple, modest and moody: that’s how S10’s stage clothing can be described. Bee RTL Boulevard Eurovision reporter Aran Bade and fashion expert Arno Kantelberg discussed […]