Today’s Santoral September 18: San José de Cupertino

Today, September 18, we celebrate a saint who teaches us much about trust in prayer, Saint Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663). “Pray, never tire of praying. That God is not deaf, nor is Heaven made of bronze. Everyone who asks him receives ”, this great Franciscan used to say, expressing in an unbeatable way how much […]

Today’s Saints September 17: Saint Robert Bellarmine

Today, as every September 17, the Church remembers Saint Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621), archbishop and cardinal, a wise man with great apostolic zeal, who knew how to face with firmness and wisdom some of the most difficult moments for which he has past the Church throughout its history. This year, 2021, in addition, his commemoration takes […]

Our Lady of Sorrows

Today, September 15, one day after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Church commemorates Our Lady of Sorrows. In some way, the succession of both ephemeris is an invitation to meditate on the mystery of the pain that united the lives of Jesus and Mary for the redemption of the human […]

Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Today, September 8, the Church celebrates a very special day: the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. In a beautiful homily delivered centuries ago in the Basilica of St. Anne in Jerusalem, St. John Damascene (675-749) noted the following: “We have very valid reasons to honor the birth of the Mother of God, […]

Saints to train in Dallas, Texas, following Hurricane Ida through New Orleans

The Hurricane Ida, which hit New Orleans caused the city team of the NFL, will relocate its training site to Dallas, Texas. The Saints They have been there since last weekend and will remain for the next few days training at AT&T Stadium. “Honestly, I think in the next three days we will know what […]