Sainz: «I want to say goodbye to McLaren in the best possible way»

Carlos Sainz, McLaren driver who will race in 2021 with Ferrari, said this Friday in an interview with the official website of Formula 1, that he wants to say goodbye to his current team “in the best possible way.” Sainz, who narrated how his negotiations with Ferrari developed and how his current bosses took the […]

“Now I want to keep Ferrari in a drawer and think only of McLaren”

The Spanish Carlos Sainz Jr, brand new Ferrari midfielder for the 2021 season of Formula 1, told how the negotiations with the Maranello squad developed in the last week and expressed his feelings after the confirmation of the transfer. “They were very particular weeks, making a deal without ever having seen each other is something […]

“Carlos has done well with tough rivals”

Updated:05/11/2020 20:42 save Related news Fernando Alonso It is spreading on social networks in this time of confinement by the coronavirus. He has done a few live shows with people or entities he trusts and, like the other Sunday afternoon, he has participated in the broadcast of the virtual F1 Grand Prix of Spain. He […]

Sainz could sign for Ferrari and Alonso sounds for Renault

The Ferrari team will officially announce at the end of this week the incorporation of the Spanish Carlos Sainz (McLaren) as a substitute for the German Sebastian Vettel from the 2021 season, according to the specialized magazine “Autosport”. According to this source, Ferrari has already reached an agreement with Carlos Sainz, sixth in the last […]

Carlos Sainz signs for Ferrari

This afternoon, the arrival in Ferrari of the Spanish driver Carlos Sainz has been officially announced, who will fill the vacancy left by Sebastian Vettel from next season and will have Charles Leclerc as his teammate. In this way, Sainz will become the third Spaniard to wear the red of the ‘Scuderia’ after Fernando Alonso […]

A bitter vision of Barcelona

Marina Sanmartín Updated:05/01/2020 01: 00h save “They are all dead”This is repeated semi-unconsciously at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona by a boy who, bloodied and with clear symptoms of exhaustion, had collapsed hours before a few meters from the police station in the Plaza de España. Apart from his, in the exhaustive analysis that they […]

Charles Leclerc flies for the second win in a row

Console monster Leclerc not stopping Second start, second win – Charles Leclerc doesn’t seem to stop in the virtual premier class. At the Virtual GP of China, the third race of the virtual Formula 1 season, Monegasse once again celebrated a safe start-finish victory – as it did 14 days ago with its console debut […]

“I have had close positives and deaths from the virus”

José Carlos CarabiasFOLLOW Updated:04/18/2020 01: 09h save Carlos Sainz would like to display his routines in these times of pain. Take the car from your South London residence to get soaked in Woking from the work of McLaren employees, or get on the plane to head to a race anywhere on the planet. But she […]

Carlos Sainz’s exciting letter to his father for his birthday

S. D. Updated:04/13/2020 08: 22h save Carlos Sainz He reached 58 years old this Sunday in the midst of an avalanche of congratulations. The reigning champion of the legendary Dakar Rally and twice champion of the World Rally Championship received multiple messages of love and admiration, and among them he was struck by his son’s […]

Carlos Sainz’s life in the family home

Exactly a month ago, Carlos Sainz was in Australia, preparing for a 2020 Formula 1 season that seemed exciting. The McLaren MCL35 had given very good sensations in the preseason, it had already given him time to savor the historic podium in Brazil and the certainty that he was going to be able to shine […]