The starting mortgage is too high: MTV Gifhorn loses at TSG

Basketball State League The starting mortgage is too high: MTV Gifhorn loses at TSG 30.11.2022, 15:27 He sunk five three-pointers after the break: Julius Nieß (right) was the MTV top scorer in Königslutter. Photo: Sebastian Priebe / regios24 Gifhorn. MTV Gifhorn lost 83:86 to promoted TSG […]

Sustainability index city ranking 2022 / Germany’s cities are so sustainable

Berlin (ots) – The sustainability index of the city ranking by IW Consult on behalf of ImmoScout24 and WirtschaftsWoche is based on the UN goals for sustainable development and analyzes the economic, ecological and social sustainability of the 71 large cities in Germany: – The Ruhr area occupies the last places in the sustainability index. […]

Car insurance: Insure marten damage cheaply – you should pay attention to that

Munich (ots) – – Insuring consequential damage caused by a marten bite costs an average of only four percent extra – Changing car insurance: Novice drivers save up to 47 percent on the premium – 300 CHECK24 experts advise on all topics relating to car insurance Consumers hardly pay more for their car insurance if […]

Group of drivers, mileage & vehicle: This influences the price of car insurance

Munich (ots) – – Insurance premiums reduced by 50 percent for pure liability instead of comprehensive insurance – Surcharges: 217 percent for any group of drivers, 75 percent for higher mileage – Premiums for existing customers increase by more than ten percent on average – switching is worthwhile The price of car insurance is made […]

On the occasion of the fateful election in Brazil: German environmental aid calls on companies to finally stop the destruction of tropical forests by their suppliers

Berlin (ots) – – Massive slash-and-burn and deforestation of the Amazon and other areas under Bolsonaro has dramatic effects on people, climate and biodiversity – Many international and German companies still have suppliers who are associated with the destruction of nature – for example for the Raw material leather – DUH calls on consumers to […]

China is growing slower than the rest of Asia for the first time

In the difficult economic situation in China, the government withheld important data on growth and foreign trade during the Communist Party Congress. In a rare step, the statistical office on Monday surprisingly postponed the announcement of economic development in the third quarter, which was planned for the following day. Customs had already postponed the publication […]

In the heyday of film there were 25 cinemas in Braunschweig

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