They filter videos where he appears with marijuana and “cleaning” his blood

Follow the controversy with Andy Ruizthen after accusations that you have had against you from your ex-partnerAh Orale hacked their networks and leaked compromising images. And it is that a controversial tweet was published on Andy Ruiz’s account, where videos were revealed in which he appears in possession of marihuana And supposedly “cleaning” the blood. […]

Artemio presents Blood at the Amparo Museum in Puebla

artemio narro (Mexico City, 1979) comments to MILLENNIUM that something happened in his mind when he saw the painting Judith was beheaded by Holofernes (1621), from the Italian Artemisia Gentileschi, in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. “Suddenly I only saw the blood in the painting isolated and I kept thinking that its representation was impressive, the […]

FDA Allows Gay and Bisexual People to Donate Blood – NBC Utah

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At least 13 terrorists, one with a blood crime, will be elected

Two convicted of two murders appear in the same municipalities where they were committed Six of the seven etarras convicted of murder who are part of Bildu’s lists: Asier Uribarri, Agustín Muiños, Lander Maruri, Begoña Uzkudun, Jose A. Torre and Juan R. Rojo ABC 11/05/2023 Updated at 11:16 a.m. If the results that EH Bildu […]

SANGRE DE TORO traditional red wine DO Catalonia bottle 75 cl

| Cookies with white chocolate Hacendado -0,05 € (-4,00 %) | guacamole hacienda +0,09 € (+2,57 %) | Goya total seasoning 156 g. +0,06 € (+2,08 %) | Mini cookies The Simpsons Kid’s -30% sugar without sweeteners Arluy 400 g. +0,40 € (+11,14 %) | Cocoa shake without added sugar Energy Cola Cao pack of […]

Squeezing ETA to the last drop of blood

Pedro Sánchez appeared at the control session in Congress with a letter that he believed to be the winner: the recent wage agreement agreed upon by the employers and the unions. To personalize, he used the joker of Antonio Garamendi, the president of the CEOE, “who stressed that there will be social peace until 2025 […]