NASA takes incredible photography of Mexico from space; this is how it looks

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 05/12/2020 11:30:53 Surely it’s easy for you to recognize in a world map where is Mexico, perhaps if you do not succeed due to its location if you will identify it for the unique shape of our country; however a new e amazing photograph taken by NASA shows that the […]

The last “supermoon” of the year arrives: how and when to see it – Night Shift

The last “supermoon” of this year will take place on the evening of this Thursday; However, since Wednesday night you can already see the satellite with more brightness than usual. It is also called “The Flower Moon”, because the satellite will look “larger” because it will be orbiting at the point closest to Earth. For […]

A satellite locates the Kim Jong-un train at a North Korean beach resort

A train, which probably belongs to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, whose health condition it gives rise to speculations, it was located in photos taken by a satellite in a spa in eastern North Korea, reports the US website 38North, specializing in issues about the Asian country. The train appears in the photos on April […]

Row of lights in the sky amazed the world: incredible images | Chronicle

Lights that crossed the sky in a row amazed people around the world after images and videos went viral through the social network Twitter. Some users reflected that it was UFOs or strange planets, despite the repercussions of the phenomenon caused their explanation to be released in the last hours. The string of lights, which […]