Ministry takes action against video with staged Habeck “kidnapping”.

The Federal Ministry of Economics is taking action against a video by right-wing extremists that portrays Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) as the culprit in a trial. “We reported the video to Facebook so that it can be checked and deleted in accordance with the Network Enforcement Act. We are also checking the facts from a […]

Waldbad Seehausen: Förderverein hopes for money for a solar system

Walter Fiedler would like two million euros. He wouldn’t need more to completely renovate the Seehausen forest pool from start to finish. “If there had been continuous investment in preservation over the past few decades, we wouldn’t have such a huge mountain ahead of us now,” says the 77-year-old MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT. That’s why he founded […]

Russia and Ukraine sign agreement on grain exports

All ships are searched in Turkey Ships bound for or coming from Ukraine are searched in Istanbul. This is to prevent weapons or the like from getting into Ukraine or that they only loaded grain. That was a condition of Russia. The export is monitored by a joint coordination center with representatives from the United […]

Video: CSD demo/parade Leipzig | Saxony-Anhalt right in the middle

Thousands took part in the big demo or parade on July 16, 2022 on the occasion of the CSD Leipzig. Once again it was shown how colorful the world is, but it was also pointed out that acceptance, tolerance and respect have not yet arrived everywhere in society and in politics. The creators of the […]

Staff shortages due to Corona: do we need new quarantine rules?

The Scholz siblings are apparently not united in brotherly harmony when it comes to Corona: One, Olaf, makes the rules as Chancellor. The other, Jens Scholz, CEO of the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital, struggles with it. He told the newspaper “Die Welt” that his hospital had to quarantine too many employees who had tested positive but […]

Corona numbers: Wastewater monitoring is more accurate and cheaper

However, the project manager in Jena does not yet want to give any figures as to how much higher the actual coronavirus load is based on the wastewater data above the official RKI figures. The data collection, evaluation and interpretation is still ongoing. Why did the systematic monitoring take so long? Scientifically reliable data collection […]

Crime – Hohe Börde – man breaks into pharmacy: drugs and money captured – panorama

Home Panorama Deutschland Crime – Hohe Börde:Man breaks into pharmacy: drugs and money captured Jun 25, 2022 2:21 p.m Open detailed view “Police” is written on the door of a patrol car. Photo: David Indianlied/dpa/Illustration (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel Niederndodeleben (dpa/sa) – A 19-year-old man broke into a pharmacy in Niederndodeleben […]

Soccer – Frankfurt am Main – Eintracht in Magdeburg: Darmstadt to Ingolstadt – Sport

Home Sport Frankfurt Soccer – Frankfurt am Main:Harmony in Magdeburg: Darmstadt to Ingolstadt May 29, 2022 at 8:26 p.m Open detailed view A soccer player plays the ball. Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB/Symbolbild (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel Darmstadt (dpa/lhe) – Europa League winner Eintracht-Frankfurt has to compete in the first round of the […]