Thousands at demonstrations for a better education system

Thousands of people demonstrated for better education in more than 30 cities in Germany. The organizers spoke of 15,000 demonstrators nationwide. According to police information, around 4,500 people took part in Berlin and around 2,000 in Cologne and Munich. In Central Germany, too, people took to the streets to demand better conditions in daycare centers […]

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EU Parliament wants stricter rules for small loans

Consumers in the EU should be better protected when taking out loans in the future. On Tuesday in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted for measures to protect against credit card debt or unsuitable loans. Stricter rules for small loans, caps on fees Stricter rules will apply in the future, among other things, for small loans […]

IWH expects an increase in insolvencies

“The market has not recovered as much as it did before Corona,” explains Ettelt. “This means that these sales figures have not necessarily been reached again in many sectors, especially in the furniture industry. Which means that the subsidies could not be repaid. So: Not everyone is like TUI or Lufthansa who paid it back, […]

Education – Magdeburg – Education country comparison sees improvements – Education

Magdeburg (dpa/sa) – In a current country comparison on education, the employer-friendly initiative New Social Market Economy sees improvements in Saxony-Anhalt. The state occupies 11th place in the ranking published on Wednesday, last year it was in penultimate place ahead of Bremen. The comparative study confirms Saxony-Anhalt’s strengths, for example with regard to the high […]

Fatal Accident on Autobahn 2 Involving Five Trucks: Hazmat Situation and Road Closure

At least two people died in a serious accident on Tuesday afternoon involving five trucks on Autobahn 2 near Burg in the Jerichower Land district. The police announced on Tuesday evening. Another truck driver involved in the accident was slightly injured, according to the police, and was treated as an outpatient by the emergency services […]

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Naumburg: “Wilde Zicke” tram gets money from the state

The historic tram “Wilde Zicke” in Naumburg gets additional money from the state. According to its own statements, the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Infrastructure is providing around 40,500 euros in funding this year. A curved track in downtown Naumburg is to be renewed with the money. After more than 40 years, the work is necessary to […]