Greens call for laptop donations for needy students

Student on laptop Poor pupils should receive a grant of 150 euros for the purchase of a laptop for teaching at home, according to the will of the grand coalition. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group for digital infrastructure, Tabea Roessner, called for laptop donations for needy students. The background is […]

Coronavirus Australia: Blocking rules were introduced on Wednesday

A complete blockage of non-essential services by the community, with school closings for all but the children of the most critical workers, could be the next step in combating the Australian coronavirus pandemic unless the epidemiology of the disease improves. At midnight today, a number of other measures will take effect, including the closure of […]

Can the corona virus spread through food? Expert claims checked

Editor’s Note: Here are some of the key coronavirus and COVID-19 claims that our readers would like to have tested against the research results. We asked these public health and infectious disease experts to explain this. RELATED: Follow the Latest Corona Virus Updates 1. Is herd immunity a good strategy? Herd immunity is not part […]

A short-term closure of the society would “do nothing”.

Australian Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has bluntly defended the government’s approach to curbing the coronavirus, saying that a short-term shutdown would “do nothing” and that measures should be “sustainable” for at least six months. Professor Murphy appeared with Scott Morrison at a press conference in Canberra this morning, where the Prime Minister announced strict […]

Scott Morrison imposes self-isolation on all comers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned the Australians of further restrictions and interventions in their daily lives as the government took further steps to curb the spread of the coronavirus. From midnight, all people who come to Australia must isolate themselves for 14 days, while cruise ships are initially not allowed to arrive in Australian ports […]

Corona virus: Hamburg museums and book halls close

Hamburg. The corona virus sets Hamburg and the north lame: with the closure of Schools, daycare centers, Colleges, concert halls, theaters, museums and book halls will make public life in the city because of the pandemic further restricted. The HVV is setting up new rules for buses and trains in Hamburg to spread the lung […]

Press to extend the ban that was put in place to stop the spread of coronaviruses

The Prime Minister pointed out yesterday that the public ban on assembly would not include schools or universities. But the Australian Medical Association’s South Australian president says that school closures would happen “safely”. “We try to make people realize that it is really necessary to do the hard things in advance as this will make […]

Here the Connecticut Schools are closed or affected – NBC Connecticut

Some Connecticut school districts and universities are making changes to class or activity calendars due to corona virus concerns. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference cancels all remaining CIAC winter tournament games because of concerns about the corona virus. Schools that affect classes or activities Region 14 school district The region 14 school district, which includes […]

After its outbreak .. global health urges the countries that spread Corona b

06:52 PM Monday 09 March 2020 Agencies The World Health Organization, today, Monday, urged countries that witness the emergence of the emerging Corona virus to stop schools and suspend activities, saying: “The main goal is to stop the virus and prevent it from spreading.” The World Health Organization confirmed that there are countries that do […]