News blog Saxony-Anhalt: Halle tests all nursing home employees on Corona

07:15 a.m. | Leopoldina President on the recommendations for action We will be dealing with the pandemic for months. Actually, it won’t end until we have a vaccine. Our suggestion was where it is particularly important that society continues to start promptly. That does not mean, of course, tomorrow or maybe on Monday directly after […]

They analyze changing admission times to schools for after the quarantine is lifted

In this sense, the Cabinet member remarked that they are analyzing the issue together with a team of experts led by Diego Golombek who is Executive Director of the National Institute of Technological Education (INET). The national official remarked that the historical hours of entry to schools “do not allow the highest performance” to the […]

Covid-19. Meetings with parties precede announcement about schools

According to an official note from the Prime Minister’s office, in the morning, António Costa will have hearings with the Liberal Initiative, Chega, the Ecological Party “Os Verdes”, PAN and CDS-PP. In the afternoon, the Prime Minister meets with the PCP, Bloco de Esquerda, PSD and PS. In an interview with Rádio Renascença last Friday, […]

Hundreds of pupils ‘lost’, childcare facilities at a disadvantage

For teachers, childcare comes on top of ordinary distance teaching to the rest of their class. According to directors, childcare should take care of that childcare. With the support of health authorities and schools. Especially during the holidays. That does not apply to The Hague, it appears. The collaboration works well there. “I am most […]

Coronvirus: Fitness guru Joe Wicks causes 800,000 children to train in isolation

Fitness guru Joe Wicks led over two million people through training on the first day of school mass closure. Over 800,000 jumped, stretched and immediately jogged while watching him live on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV. The session was viewed a further 1.6 million times during the day. Wayne Rooney’s four children were […]

Martin Lewis releases 14 corona viruses according to the latest money and travel warning

Martin Lewis released a list of key coronavirus tips for consumers after the UK government announced new measures yesterday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed further plans to combat Covid-19, including temporary travel bans and a £ 350 billion bailout to save the economy. In his weekly newsletter, the co-founder of […]