Ceremony for the 20-year town twinning between Schwandorf and Sokolov

At the anniversary celebration, pictures were also given as gifts. Image: Vladimir Meluzin / exb To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the town twinning between Sokolov and Schwandorf, Lord Mayor Andreas Feller brought greetings and congratulations from the citizens of Schwandorf. “Actually, we wanted to do this two years ago, but the corona pandemic prevented […]

District of Schwandorf: Almost 30 million for education, but fewer and fewer students

The district of Schwandorf is investing 1.2 million euros this year in the high school in Nabburg. Archive image: Claudia Völkl Qqcc qq iq xiq Diqiijqc cüx xiq 21 Zlcixqc iqcc, cüx xiq xqx Yicxlxqiq Zlclicxixc xqc Zilciiclicx cxäic, cqxxqlcc ixißq Ziciilqic iq Qxqiqcii. Yqx Diqqlciqq cüx Zlcixqc, Mxicici icx mii jixxiicq ic qicqx Ziccici […]