Corona vaccination for adolescents – SWR news

The city of Heidelberg offers vaccination days for young people against Corona. There are many questions about vaccination, says pediatrician Benedikt Fritzsching in an interview with SWR. Prof. Dr. Benedikt Fritzsching Prof. Dr. Benedikt Fritzsching is a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine in Heidelberg and an adjunct professor at Heidelberg University. He provides information […]

No connection between blood clots and corona vaccination – SWR Aktuell

The corona vaccination is apparently not responsible for blood clots, which in rare cases were noticed weeks after the injection. This is shown by a new study by doctors in Tübingen. In the study by the University of Tübingen, the blood count of 160 vaccinated people was examined. The research result was published on Monday. […]

Pharaoh Akhenaten built his city with the blood of his subjects

Pharaoh Akhenaten once had a city built with sweat and blood. Dedicated to a god who knew no mercy. After the death of the hated ruler, his metropolis fell into disrepair. After the “heretic king” Akhenaten turned away from the old gods and raised the solar disk Aton to the supreme god of Egypt, the […]

Criticism of BW funding of “cough app” – SWR Aktuell

Baden-Württemberg wants to support the development of a “cough app” for corona detection with almost two million euros – although the specialist department advised against it. Now there is criticism. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics wants to fund the development of a “cough app” to determine corona infections with almost two million euros. The responsible […]

This man invented the pyramids

For a long time, Egyptian tombs were quite unspectacular. Until two master builders began to build the wonders of the world with the pyramids, which we still marvel today. Who were these visionaries? It became the summer hit of 1999, when the Egyptian priest Imhotep made the moviegoers’ blood run cold in the hit movie […]

Alb-Donau-Kreis becomes a model municipality for sustainable development – SWR Aktuell

As one of 50 model municipalities, the Alb-Donau district will convey sustainable action to the citizens nationwide. The district office in Ulm announced this on Friday. The district is supported by the Education for Sustainable Development Office, an institution of the Federal Ministry of Research. Sustainable solutions should raise awareness, events such as the forest […]

Children immune to corona in the long term – SWR news

How seriously do children get Covid 19? How does your immune system react to this? Researchers at the university clinic in Baden-Württemberg now have the first positive answers. According to a Covid-19 family study, children get sick five times as often without symptoms as adults. And: the immune response is apparently more stable in children […]

Computer science and politics in the German Science Council – SWR Aktuell

Dorothea Wagner heads the chair for theoretical computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). She is also the chairwoman of the German Science Council and advises politics. “I noticed as a child that logical thinking and arithmetic are easier for me than other children,” says Dorothea Wagner on a Sunday walk in SWR4 […]