Science fiction

The ghost writer Adorée Floupette finally lives again

Far from covidian fever and pre-apocalyptic confinement, it can be refreshing to unwind in beautiful investigations populated by familiar characters. In particular in accounts of … Read more

Alain Damasio: “The police don’t have to be armed with massive medical incompetence”

Alain Damasio has been hammering it for almost two decades: technology replaces nothing – neither hugs nor human warmth – it simulates. The confinement imposed … Read more

The sound of the day # 432: sorcerer like Razen

Brujo robot. Robot, sorcerer, technology, spirituality: we will not find a better way to introduce this new disc of the Belgian quartet Razen than by … Read more

The new tales of Grimes

Oracle both fascinating and repulsive, the Canadian Grimes is the embodiment of this arrow that points to space, planted at the edge between science fiction … Read more