Dispute between Australia and China escalates

Bangkok The Chinese are very hungry for Australian beef: Australia’s farmers sent 300,000 tonnes to the People’s Republic in 2019, almost twice as much as in the previous year. But now the good business is threatening to fall victim to a diplomatic escalation between the two countries. On Tuesday, the Beijing government banned the import […]

Australia unlocks controversial corona tracing app

AAustralia, which is not notorious for extreme surveillance of its citizens, but has so far successfully fought the virus, is launching an anti-virus app on Sunday evening. It can be tracked when the user comes into contact with an infected person who has activated the same app. Christoph Hein Business correspondent for South Asia / […]

Japan and Australia support Trump’s WHO criticism

AAmerica, America’s close ally in the Pacific, supports criticism of the World Health Organization but does not want to stop paying. American President Donald Trump wants to freeze American contributions to WHO because it has failed to perform its “basic duties”. “We don’t want to shower the child with the bath,” said Prime Minister Scott […]

The streets of Sydney are deserted as the closure increases

The streets of Sydney resembled a ghost town overnight, less than two months after images of the abandoned city of Wuhan in China were blasted around the world. With Australian restaurants and cafes now forced to take away and deliver home, and residents follow the advice to stay at home, the normally busy streets of […]

New virus test criteria announced

The government has announced plans to broaden the coronavirus testing criteria and to suspend some election operations to combat the pandemic. In a statement after a further meeting of heads of state and government on Wednesday evening, the National Cabinet said that healthcare workers, geriatric nurses and people in geographically localized areas and at “high […]

Coronavirus Melbourne: Daniel Andrews confirms 466 COVID-19 cases in Victoria

This Coronavirus article is unlocked and can be read for free in the interest of community health and safety. Subscribe here for full access to Herald Sun / Leader journalism. Australia’s operating rooms are close to closure. Surgeons are demanding that their scalpels be removed so that the hospitals can concentrate on the coronavirus. It […]

Coronavirus Australia: Blocking rules were introduced on Wednesday

A complete blockage of non-essential services by the community, with school closings for all but the children of the most critical workers, could be the next step in combating the Australian coronavirus pandemic unless the epidemiology of the disease improves. At midnight today, a number of other measures will take effect, including the closure of […]

The cute video of Hamish Blake’s daughter at home remains viral

The Australian government may have introduced stringent new measures to enforce social distancing, but it seems that a cute toddler’s message is all it takes to do the trick. Hamish Blake’s daughter Rudy looks like the innocent baby every inch. In a video that mother Zoe Foster Blake uploaded to Instagram, she said exactly what […]

Coronavirus: Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to escalate Australia’s shutdown

Australia’s next lockdown phase: what it could look like Additional face masks arrive when the fear of breakouts increases The blockade of Australia is being tightened and includes food courts, auction rooms, real estate auctions, open days, massage parlors, beauty salons and a number of other non-essential services. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled other […]