A fight between a passenger and a flight attendant on an Egyptian plane

Al-Marsad newspaper: a video clip documented an argument between an African passenger who speaks Arabic and an Egyptian host because the passenger was sitting on a seat other than the seat allotted to her and her refusal to instruct the employee to go to her seat. The video showed the passenger insulting the host, saying […]

The student’s uncle, the victim of a Jeddah school quarrel, reveals the fact that his brother gave up the perpetrator.. He comments on the medical report on the cause of death

Al-Marsad newspaper: The uncle of the student Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, the victim of the quarrel that took place in a middle school in Jeddah the day before yesterday, revealed the fact that his brother had given up the perpetrator, explaining the developments of the medical report regarding the cause of death. The student’s uncle said – […]

Hit and entanglement of hands and urgent decisions.. what happened in Mohandesi Beach

08:26 PM Tuesday 31 August 2021 Alexandria – Mohamed El-Badri: Users of social networking sites shared a video clip that included a quarrel and a tangle of hands between individuals on the beach of the Engineers Club of the Sub-Union in Alexandria, which sparked an interaction. According to the circulating video, a quarrel occurred between […]