Cultural summer in Austria: special live moments – culture

The tenor Jonas Kaufmann has probably never been so frenetically cheered and applauded for failing to hit a high note. “You can see that it is live. It happens in real life,” the singer explained his mistake. Yes, real and live cultural events like this evening with Viennese songs in the “Theater im Park” were […]

ÖVP rallies behind Chancellor Sebastian Kurz

99.4 percent for Sebastian Kurz, that’s the ideal number. The result of the vote for the Austrian Federal Chancellor, who was allowed to stand for re-election as “chairman”, ie as chairman of the ÖVP, at a party congress on Saturday, is less than a hundred percent, which would have seemed a bit Cuban. But it […]

Farmers targeted ÖVP boss shortly before the party conference – politics

ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz faces the election today at the federal party conference in St. Pölten. He had to take some criticism in advance. The ÖVP is holding its 39th federal party conference today in the VAZ in St. Pölten. Federal Chairman Sebastian Kurz is standing for re-election for the first time. The bar is […]

Sick Kurz speaks out on Twitter – Politics

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) is ill and has to stay in bed. Now the 34-year-old has reported on his Twitter channel. How “Today” learned on Sunday, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has to skip the opening of the Salzburg Festival. A meeting with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has also been canceled. The reason for […]

Salzburg cancellation – Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is ill – politics

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has to cancel a meeting with EU Commission President von der Leyen in Salzburg. The head of government is sick. “Everyone” in Salzburg, but not the Chancellor: How “Today” learned, Sebastian Kurz had to skip the opening of the Salzburg Festival. Due to illness, he will be represented by Foreign Minister […]

Sebastian Kurz in his greatest crisis

The Ibiza Committee has brought an investigation into Sebastian Kurz. Now Austria’s Chancellor has to testify again. His ÖVP railed against the “political tribunal”, the opposition felt mocked. Gernot Blümel doesn’t want to say anything, and he won’t say anything either. Austria’s finance minister, the closest political companion of ÖVP Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, is sitting […]

Delta horror forecast – Vienna only stays for days – Coronavirus

The delta variant is on the advance in Austria! There is now a forecast for the federal state of Vienna that is causing concern. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, there have been a total of 650,324 positive test results in Austria so far. As of June 28, 10,701 people across Austria had […]

Off for FFP2 mask – which easing could still come – politics

The government wants to take new opening steps from July. An important point for Chancellor Kurz: the FFP2 mask requirement should finally fall. Corona bang on Wednesday evening! Surprisingly, the government has called a large press conference for Thursday morning. As early as 8.15 am, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein […]

Corona rules fixed! What we are (not) allowed to do from May 19th – politics

Gastronomy, tourism, culture and sport are allowed to reopen from May 19, but with tough security concepts. The rules at a glance. On Monday, the turquoise-green federal government presented the details of the planned openings on May 19 in the areas of gastronomy, tourism, culture and sport. Careful opening steps with strict safety precautions pave […]