Hotels in times of Corona: Please reserve couches!

EGood news in advance: reserving loungers this year is not a faux pas, but is even welcome in many places. Because if you stay lying there is less effort: Whether tables and chairs in the restaurant, stools and counters in the bar or the sun oasis by the pool – everything has to be disinfected […]

Summer vacation: Despite Corona, school trips are well booked

Germany summer holidays Despite Corona, youth trips are well booked Alone on a long journey – millions of students and trainees across Germany are looking forward to it. At the beginning of the year, children’s and youth tour operators registered bookings growth – and despite the Corona crisis, there are hardly any cancellations. As of […]

Belgium: How bubonic plague disappeared in Wallonia

The Wallonia region Montan industry – this term, often associated with waste dumps and pollution, has long stood in the way of Walloon tourism. Those who traveled to Belgium traveled to Dutch-speaking Flanders and the North Sea; The highly industrialized, mostly French-speaking half of the country south of the capital Brussels, however, was avoided by […]

Galicia: The shearing of horses follows an ancient rite

The region of Galicia Vor almost exactly 40 years ago, Galicia was granted autonomy; Galician was made the official language alongside Spanish – and the almost 2.7 million Galicians were recognized as the historic nation of Spain (a privilege that Basques, Catalans and the people of Navarre also enjoy). Located in the extreme north-west of […]

Holidays in Corona times: cancel or rebook?

DIs 2020 going to be a summer without vacation trips? Many Germans are asking themselves this question. In any case, those wishing to travel must be flexible this year when it comes to planning. Even if the curfews currently applicable nationwide are relaxed or lifted – the Federal Foreign Office has issued a worldwide travel […]

Bus, train, car or plane – an app shows the best way

DFor three years, 100 developers from the start-up fromAtoB have been working on an algorithm that queries and combines the offers and timetables of over 750 different transport providers and modes of transport such as train, flight, long-distance bus and carpooling in real time. The result is astounding, because the fromAtoB website not only shows […]

Cruise: pools on ships are so spectacular

Fernreisen Water march! These are the most spectacular pools – on cruise ships Those who are at sea usually want to swim. On many cruise ships, the bathing landscape cannot be unusual enough. We present examples that invite you to surf, meditate and crawl. Status: 05:26 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes On the “Oasis […]

Corona virus: stricter rules for cruise passengers

Fernreisen coronavirus Cruise industry draws spell in Southeast Asia Shipping companies redirect their ships – some not only avoid China and Hong Kong, but also ports in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. TUI Cruises massively tightened the onboard rules. What travelers need to know now. As of: 5:40 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Record increase […]

Coronavirus: A China booth at the ITB without Chinese?

city ​​breaks coronavirus A China booth at the ITB without Chinese? After Beijing banned its citizens from vacation packages abroad, no more delegations are allowed to leave the country. This has massive consequences for China’s presence at the world’s largest tourism fair in Berlin. Status: 10:36 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes China reports well […]

Hungary: to Lake Balaton? Better go to the Puszta

Europe Regional Geography Always to Lake Balaton? The puszta is also worthwhile As Europe’s largest grass landscape, the Puszta is on the World Heritage List. Active vacationers will find many leisure activities in the region of Hungary. And here they meet spectacular riding artists. Status: 07:49 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Biking, swimming, surfing, […]