Melania Trump demanded an honest vote count :: Politics :: RBC

Melania trump (Фото: Drew Angerer / Getty Images) American democracy must be protected by ensuring fair and fully transparent vote counting in the US presidential election. About it stated The wife of the current President of the States, Melania Trump, on Twitter. “Every legal ballot must be counted,” she said. The First Lady noted that […]

Selective isolation: exceptions for decree 1168 – Government – Politics

As of September 1, the selective isolation phase begins in the country. At this stage, which runs until October 1, responsible individual distancing prevails. For this, the Government issued Decree 1168, which stipulates what will happen to international flights, what are the restrictions to leave, among other measures. (We suggest: ‘From September you can travel […]

ADRs fell to 5.8% but bonds rose to 3.2% in a selective market after exchange agreement

In parallel, the economist Gustavo Ber explained that the negative variations of ADRs responded in general to the fact that “domestic assets extended the take profit that they were rehearsing in the last rounds, from the confirmation of the agreement with the external creditors to close a successful debt swap “. The analyst added that […]

35 ballots were canceled at a site in St. Petersburg :: Society :: RBC

The election commission of St. Petersburg canceled 35 ballots at the polling station where David Frenkel’s journalist was broken arm. This was announced by Oleg Zatsepa, a member of the city election commission with a casting vote, reports TASS. According to him, only ballots in the portable ballot box for amendments to the Constitution were […]