Man (28) films himself twerking – then he strangles the elderly woman

A gruesome murder shakes London: Two men trick an elderly woman into making a business deal, kill her and record tacky videos in her home. Just before he kills her, a takeaway delivery man is still twerking on her property. – Youtube Ad the essentials in brief Two men have been convicted of murdering a […]

the health fair which gives pride of place to prevention:

Rewrite this content Medintechs, the health innovation fair sponsored by Emmanuel Macron, places great emphasis on Prevention! Interview with Véronique Suissa, member of the strategic council and head of the “Village Prévention” at the show. Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you joined the Medintech Strategic Council? I am a doctor in psychology […]

Radevormwald: blood supplies are missing – surgeries are postponed

Rewrite this content Health care in Radevormwald Operation had to be postponed – senior citizen appeals: “Please donate blood!” Radevormwald · Sigrid Hoge (82) has a painful hip condition. But a helping surgery has been postponed for the time being: there are too few blood supplies in the Sana hospital. 01/18/2023 3:43 p.m Sigrid Hoge […]

the lecanemab treatment soon on sale in the USA

More specifically, lecanemab is a antibody that aims to “cleanse” the brain of amyloid plaquesthese famous toxic aggregates which have been talked about for years now, and which can be observed in the brains of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. For the first time, this treatment has shown a clearing of the brain of these amyloid […]

Watch.. A Kuwaiti doctor tells his experience with the problem of impotence.. and reveals the name of a food supplement that amazingly raises the male hormone in the elderly

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Muhammad Qassim, who is interested in Kuwaiti science, narrated his experience with the problem of impotence, and how he was able to increase the male hormone. He said during an interview with the “In the Picture” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “I have sexual problems, and I take medication to […]

Moment of champions in the National League of Senior Clubs

Guillermo Brown from Puerto Madryn. National Champion Senior Clubs +43. The National League of Senior Clubs, Valley and Coast Region, consecrated its champions this past weekend in the two categories (+35 and +43) in different competitions. In principle we highlight the consecration of Defensores de La Ribera as winner of the Closing Tournament of the […]

half would favor an unconventional ceremony

We know, for a long time, the funeral followed a very traditional ritual where originality was not required (which can also be understood) and moreover, strongly marked by the religious. Today, we see that customs are changing, that codes are becoming more flexible and enriched: thus, according to this new study, the French would imagine […]

The consumption and media behavior of the generation over 55 is changing

21. 10. 2022 The standard of living of the generation of Czech citizens aged 55-69 is improving, and those who have already reached retirement age want to spend it more actively than the previous generation of senior citizens. This follows from a new wave of research focused on the so-called silver generation from OMG Research. […]

Digital Week | City of Brussels

From 10 to 21 October 2022 in various locations in Brussels. The Digital Week is a participatory and decentralized event that defends education in digital media, the appropriation of the Internet and digital tools by the general public. As every year, the City of Brussels joins and participates in this Digital Week. Events will be […]

Piriformis Muscle Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What does the piriformis muscle do? How does it work ? The piriformis muscle is essential to all movements of the lower body because it contributes to the stabilization of the pelvis and hips as well as the elevation and rotation of the thighs. It will therefore necessarily be used when walking. It acts by […]