Boris Johnson will present plan for new Northern Ireland Protocol | Europe | D.W.

The Government of the United Kingdom will present this Monday (06.13.2022) the legislation with which it aspires to modify the Northern Ireland Protocol included in the Brexit agreement, despite warnings from the European Union, which has been especially critical of any unilateral gesture by London. Boris Johnson’s Executive already advanced in mid-May that “in the […]

Johnson will try to break political blockade in Northern Ireland

According to Downing Street, during his stay in Belfast the ruler plans to meet in private with the leaders of the main political parties in that British province. As part of the 1998 peace accords that ended three decades of armed fighting in Northern Ireland, unionists and nationalists are forced to share semi-autonomous local government. […]

Ireland, closer to reunification?

The victory of Ourselves in local and regional elections North Ireland It means a good number of things, among them and above others in terms of importance, that the Island of Ireland is closer to reunification than ever in recent decades, precisely the same year that marks the hundredth anniversary of the independence of the […]

Northern Ireland: historic victory for Sinn Fein

The nationalist party sense finea supporter of the reunification of all Ireland, promised on Saturday a “new era” in the British province, despite the risk of political paralysis. The long counting of the ballot papers deposited Thursday in the ballot boxes to designate the 90 elected members of the Local Assembly gave a slight lead […]