There are two scenarios for the Dax

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Investors fear prices will fall again in the next three months. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf The Dax is facing crucial weeks: the leading German index has been moving sideways for a month. Since mid-April, it has only increased slightly more than two percent. It will now become clear whether the stock markets are […]

Investors have prepared for a setback on the stock market

Bull in front of the Frankfurt stock exchange The prospects for further DAX price gains are very good. (Photo: AP) Dusseldorf After a clear plus of five percent in the past trading week, the stock markets are heading down again at the beginning of the week. Is the Dax falling again towards 8255 points, the […]

Investors are heavily invested, increasing the risk of a setback

Dusseldorf With regard to the stock market, investors are currently asking three questions: Has the worst survived on the financial markets? Is it time to buy the stocks that sold the most? Or should the recovery be used to make the portfolio crisis-proof for the next low blow? Sentiment expert Stephan Heibel describes the current […]