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15 August Crazy Numeric Lotto lottery results have been announced! Crazy Numeric Lotto result query page is on millipiyangoonline!

System Game System game; develops multiple game combinations. The game consists of selecting more than 6 numbers in a coupon. By selecting more than six numbers, the players automatically generate all the combinations that can be created with the selected numbers in separate columns. Crazy Numeric Lotto; It can be played on, Milli Piyango … Read more

We are gradually launching face-to-face training

WHEN WILL THE SCHOOLS BE OPEN? The meeting, which was chaired by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, came together with the “education” agenda of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee. After the Scientific Committee meeting, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk made a statement. In the recommendation from the Scientific Committee, it was stated that “Face-to-face … Read more

Will private schools be distance education, when will they be opened? MEB announced the opening date of private school

HEPP CODE PERIOD IN SCHOOLS Stating that they will continue to be with the students with the support materials prepared, Selçuk stated that when the schools are opened, the health status of everyone related to the schools will be monitored by HES codes until they reach the students, teachers, support personnel of the schools, bus … Read more

When will LGS 1st transplant application results be announced? ​​LGS 2nd selection screen

2 AND 3. HOW TO MAKE PREFERENCE APPLICATION? Transfers for placement will be made in 2 (two) terms on the dates and periods specified in the “Preference and Placement Calendar”. In every period; A maximum of 3 (three) schools can be selected for schools that accept students with the Central Exam Score, a maximum of … Read more

Will classrooms be opened? Eyes on the official statement for the opening date of 2020 classrooms

EXPLANATION FROM MINISTER SELÇUK Minister Selçuk stated that the schools were planned to open on 31 August and stated the following; While talking about normalization everywhere, of course, it will not be possible to have a total restriction on the streets, sports, arts and schools. We follow up on this and make the healthiest decision … Read more

DGS 2020 question and answer booklet display screen! ÖSYM announced: DGS questions and answers published

DGS questions and answers are made available to students on the official website of OSYM. ÖSYM, which made 10 percent of the DGS questions and answers to the public, announced that the candidates must enter AİS in order to view all of the questions. Here is some information about the exam results, along with the … Read more

Earthquake happened? August 9 Kandilli and AFAD latest earthquakes statement

LAST EARTHQUAKES LIST Date Time Latitude (N) Longitude (E) Depth (km) MD ML Mw Location Solution Feature ———- ——– ——– —- — ———- ———— ————– ————– 2020.08.09 16:13:46 38.9927 28.0268 13.8 -.- 1.2 -.- PEKMEZCI-AKHISAR (MANISA) Ilksel 2020.08.09 15:30:04 38.2183 38.6338 22.6 -.- 1.9 -.- SOGUTLU-PUTURGE (MALATYA) REVIZE01 (2020.08.09 15:30:04) 2020.08.09 13:38:06 36.1935 26.5448 16.1 … Read more

When will DGS be held? Vertical Pass Exam places inquiry screen .. Approximately 390 thousand candidates will join DGS.

Coronary virus measures will be taken in the exam Stating that they made all preparations for the exam as ÖSYM, Aygün explained the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak as follows: “Detailed examination and disinfection of the exam buildings or schools will be done before the exam. As part of coronavirus measures, candidates will be … Read more

Different, dual, meaningful, new, long, short, illustrated eid messages option (Happy Eid!)

Let your face be kissed, your stomach will be filled with sugar, and your wallet will get rid of the neighborhood squashes. Happy holidays. “Every holiday is waited with the same excitement, it is lived with the same joy. There are also holidays that we spend away from our family and loved ones. No matter … Read more

When will YKS 2020 choices be made? YKS preference guide announced!

A statement was made by ÖSYM about the YKS preference guide. Shortly before the YKS results, preference dates were also announced. Following the announcement of the university exam results, YKS preferences will begin on August 6. Candidates will be processed according to the information contained in the published preference guide. YKS preference guide has been … Read more