September 1

Computers bought by the state could be in schools only after two months – in Latvia – News

In August, the government supported the allocation of 3.97 million euros to the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) for the improvement of technological provision in general education institutions. Šuplinska explained that the funding has been granted, however, taking into account the order of circulation of documents, deadlines and the procedure of national procurement procedures … Read more

SPKC urges parents to be careful during their studies due to Covid-19 – in Latvia – News

As the SPKC emphasizes, although restrictions have been reduced and face-to-face access to the educational institution is important, it is important to realize that the risk of infection still exists and to be aware of how to protect yourself and your family from the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19. SPKC specialists invite parents to … Read more

“Gypsies” or “Roma”? – The content of the children’s book confuses parents! – Children – Egoiste

Going to the letter “Č” in the alphabet, Evita noticed that the children’s book depicts a pirate, but looking at the missing place in the name, which the child has the task to fill in, having realized that in fact the drawing shows a boy of Roma or Gypsy nationality, but the empty “huts” in … Read more

How has Covid-19 affected the September 1 shopping carts? – Family – – Woman

This year’s preparations for the new school year are a little more unusual than before. Concerned about the recurrence of the virus, 19% of respondents plan to feed their children more often to school this year to save the family budget and avoid crowding the canteen. Also, one-fifth of the respondents admit that, taking care … Read more