Ode to a rich and universal dish

With broth and consommé as the only offer, modern restaurants were born in Paris in the 18th century; Andy Warhol dedicated one of his most iconic works to Campbell’s cans; and the soup kitchens are in English soup kitchens. Comfort food that admits almost any ingredient (there are also cold versions), the soup is part … Read more

Hacker Daniel Bajaña, one of Andrés Sepulveda’s partners, dies – Justice

This Monday The death of Daniel Agustín Bajaña Barragán, a hacker of Ecuadorian origin who would have worked hand in hand with Andrés Sepúlveda, was confirmed in Cali to obtain confidential information during the peace talks between the government of former President Juan Manuel Santos and the ex-guerrilla of the Farc in Havana, Cuba. Bajaña, … Read more