Christian Sewing wants to make Deutsche Bank “stormproof”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is preparing for a tough course of the corona crisis. “In this phase of upheaval, we have to make our bank even more weatherproof – or let’s say stormproof”, in his previously published speech by CEO Christian Sewing for the Annual General Meeting on May 20. Nobody knows what the second and […]

Deutsche Bank strengthens capital base with new subordinated bond

Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt Bank manager Christian Sewing has announced that the core Tier 1 ratio may temporarily fall short of the target of at least 12.5 percent. (Photo: Bloomberg) Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is issuing a new subordinated bond. The issuance of the so-called Tier 2 bond will have a benchmarkable volume and increase the […]

Les Midinettes, from the march of 1903 to the demonstrations of 1917

Every week with RetroNews, the BNF’s press site, we take a look at a sports story as told by the press at the time. This Saturday: the Midinettes race, in 1903. Before designating a young ingenuous woman with an artichoke heart, so naive as to be touching, the term “midinette” almost evoked a social class. […]