Ethiopian Tigrai region forces fired rockets at the Eritrean capital

The use of missiles has significantly exacerbated the conflict in northern Ethiopia between regional forces and the Ethiopian federal government. The fighting in the Tigris region has also affected Sudan, where at least 17,000 refugees from Ethiopia have arrived, according to UN figures. The president of the Tigrai region, Debrecion Gebremaic, confirmed on Sunday that […]

The US Secretary of Defense signals a faster withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

“All wars must end,” Miller, who was appointed Acting Secretary of Defense on Monday, told Miller in his first message to the armed forces. 19 years after the 9/11 attacks, the United States is determined to defeat Al Qaeda, a network of international terrorist organizations, and they are on the verge of defeating the group. […]

In Greece, Covid-19 is closing all schools due to the crisis

“The Greek government has decided to suspend the schools until November 30,” Health Minister Vasilis Kikilij said. “The closure of primary schools is the last thing we wanted to do. This step is a testament to how serious the situation is,” he added. High schools are already closed, and all classes since Monday are remote. […]

A Belarusian beaten by security forces has died in Belarus

Bandarenka, 31, lived in a house near the so-called “Square of Change” and came out in the yard on Wednesday night to find out what was happening when security forces took off their white-and-white ribbons in civilian clothes. Security guards detained him and then beat him in a minibus and a department of the Ministry […]

Tallink has started the process of collective redundancies for 550 employees in Latvia

On Friday, Tallink Latvija informed the State Employment Agency, ship’s crew members and shore personnel that it was starting a collective redundancy process for 550 employees in Latvia. The redundancy process will affect crew members on the Isabelle and Romantika ships flying the Latvian flag, as well as the company’s shore-based employees in Latvia, but […]

In Georgia, votes will be transferred –

“With such a small majority in Georgia, there will be transfers,” Secretary of State Brad Rafenschperger told reporters in Atlanta. He added that the difference in the number of votes obtained by the two candidates was too small to announce the election results in the state. According to the results obtained on Friday morning after […]

Britney Spears is again treating mental health

Variety magazine reports that 37-year-old singer Britney Spears has joined a psychiatric clinic to deal with growing emotional problems. The portal “TMZ” also confirms that the singer has gone to the clinic. He started treatment last week and spent 30 days in a medical institution. The Blast, on the other hand, writes that Britney is […]

“I was scared” – the woman’s story about the incident at Doha Airport

The woman says that the passengers had already boarded the plane. As she flew in business class, she was dressed in pajamas. After repeated announcements that the flight take-off would be delayed, she went to sleep. About three hours later, the flight attendant woke him up, saying that he should bring his passport and get […]