Dancing with the Stars: there will be changes in the judges

It is renewed Dancing with the Stars jury, the production will hold a selection next week – he learned Glance. According to the tabloid’s information, the creators of the production are not satisfied with someone from the quartet of Nora Ördög, Andrea Molnár, Csanád Gergely Kováts and Zoltán Bereczki. This will no longer be the […]

It also shows that Zsófi Szabó’s little son was enchanted by Shane Tusup

Zsófi Szabó he had already conquered his heart Shane Tusup, because if it weren’t for that, the engagement probably wouldn’t have happened either, but there ‘s an extra character in the equation who also had to be reckoned with, which is none other than Mendel’ s little son from the host ‘s first marriage. Clearly, […]

Your word also stops the video of Zsófi Szabó

Today, they are happy to share happy moments about themselves, but the fact is Zsófi Szabó and Shane Tusup made their contact with the public last December, mainly because they had had enough of the guesswork and the fact that photographers were following almost every step they took. Now, however, no one can accuse them […]

Engagement of Zsófi Szabó – nlc.hu

Zsófi Szabó he had no idea about the girl’s request, but there was no other answer in the head of the presenter than yes. The coach had planned everything and wanted to ask the big question in conditions that fit into a real Hollywood movie, and the romantic moment was now told in more detail […]

Details about the engagement of Shane Tusup and Zsófi Szabó

On Tuesday evening, exactly at 22:22 on February 22, 2022, Shane Tusup engaged Zsófi Szabó. The two celebrities have been forming a party for half a year, spending all their time together. They didn’t talk about their love for a long time, a BEST store the silence was broken on the front page, but they […]

Shane Tusup is already planning to start a family

Shane Tusup and Zsófi Szabó their relationship has been rumored for some time, and at the end of last month they failed: the coach left Zsófi’s apartment after a night together. However, the relationship between the two of them may be more serious than we thought because Shane is already breaking his head at starting […]

Velvet – Gumicukor – Rubint Réka half-naked jacuzzi and other news

Let’s start the week with interesting news about the celebrities of our country! Réka Rubint took a bold shape, undressing naked and enjoying the last warm days of summer on the terrace of her home in Szentendre, in the jacuzzi. According to the comments, the fitness lady was envied by many, as the terrace offers […]