SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. Offering SCBDSHARC1YC fund, focusing on SET50 stocks

SCB Asset Management Co., Ltd. Open investment options to reduce the risk of loss of principal Focus on enhancing portfolio growth with the SET50 index, offering SCBDSHARC1YC fund on 8-15 Nov. Mrs. Nanmanat Piamthipmanus Chief Investment Officer SCB Asset Management Company Limited or SCBAM revealed that after Thailand relaxed measures to control disease […]

Summary of top news, e-finance Thai news agency, on November 7, 2022

Today’s top stocks : MTC Q3/22 budget, there is a chance to win new high … plus plenty of upside ! This morning (7 Nov.22) MTC rebounded to make a new high in 2 months, receiving a strong Q3/22 budget as loans still grow strongly to offset high provisioning while Q4/65 still has a […]

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes for Elon Musk floats staff

CNBC reports that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey came out to apologize to the employees of the company who were attacked by Elon Musk bought it and began layoffs after taking over last week. Mr Dorsey tweeted to Twitter employees on Saturday (Nov. 5):“I know many people are angry with me. I contributed to […]