Russian submarines suddenly appear in Alaska, the United States military is shocked and doesn’t share their coordinates for their appearance to the public, what’s wrong? – All Pages

via Illustration of a Russian submarine equipped with a hypersonic weapon Gridhot.ID – The United States military was taken aback by the Russian navy. A Russian submarine suddenly appeared in waters near Alaska on Thursday (27/8) during the Russian war games, US military officials said as quoted by the Military Times. North American Aerospace Defense […]

They discover a drifting boat with a dozen bodies near Spain | International

ARCHIVO | Hamdi Zaghdane | France Media Agency visits He Spanish maritime rescue service on Wednesday located a boat with between 8 and 10 inert bodies 80 miles from the Canary Islands archipelago, located off the coast of North Africa, reported a spokeswoman. A rescue service plane found the ship adrift while it was involved […]

At 76, Lili Caneças poses in a bathing suit and wins praise: “Perfect!”

Lili Caneças, 76 years old, posed in a bathing suit and showed her excellent physical form, thus winning the numerous praise from fans. A socialite he resorted to social networks to share, with his followers, the record of a sunny day well spent on board a boat. The elegance of Lili Caneças drew attention and […]

The end in Sunny? Eva Burešová terrifies fans with her behavior!

Eva Burešová shows that she can be a nice rebel. The representative of Týna in the Slunečná series has decided to take a completely unexpected step. Did it endanger the filming of the series? Actress Eva Burešová is the main star of the series Sunny. It’s no secret that the actors are strictly forbidden to […]