Taxes 2021: How to get a lot of money from the tax office

. Vel enO llekllaeu Nellonuhl elve ple Plenelhteppe veekpetl, Blelpellae ehlnetlplell, pelu 6etp enpalpl upel enek ulekl, vllp uuO BlueueeOl petel petukul. Bel Nellentveup lpl htelu, pel Puuplel-Bttehl telp Guulu aluQ. Pu aekeu ple pepleu Plenelhulttp tel 090i: Gnleelpell? Plenelhteppe veekpetu Velt ple Plenelhteppe ulekl Oekl oeppl, kepeu nueoktlae PlpelluekOel 090i Oekl Uukuplenel peeektl, etp […]

Economy: How delivery bottlenecks affect companies in the region

Plus In the industry, supply bottlenecks for semiconductors continue to cause problems. Companies in the region are also affected. In some cases, employees are sent on short-time work. from Sophia Huber and Susanne Klöpfer They are fine and barely visible to the eye, but are currently causing problems for many companies. The global supply bottlenecks […]

Daimler in Bremen: Lines stand still again – economy

By Markus Grabitz Markus Grabitz (M.Sc.)Profile September 23, 2021 – 5:57 p.m. The group would like to use the time when the production lines in the Bremen plant are idle for maintenance work. Photo: Daimler AG Because there are still delivery bottlenecks for semiconductors, the production lines at the Daimler plant in Bremen will come […]

Verdi calls for warning strikes in retail

During the corona pandemic, many retail workers lost their income. Now they are calling for greater protection through better collective agreements. With warning strikes in the retail trade, the Verdi union wants to emphasize its demand for higher wages in many cities in Lower Saxony on Friday. “Even employees whose companies were temporarily closed due […]

Then use the overdraft facility! (nd current)

Overdrafts cost a lot of money – but are required by the tax office. Photo: dpa / Frank Leonhardt It is a case that there are many in the capital: Ms. F. works in the hotel industry, she has been on short-time work since the beginning of the pandemic. Since she could only work a […]

Facebook allows all employees to work from home even after a pandemic

Facebook-Campus in Menlo Park Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, the 60,000 employees have been allowed to work from home. (Photo: AFP) San Francisco Even after the pandemic, Facebook will let all employees work from home if their work does not have to be done from the office. However, if you move to […]

Economy, trade & finance: ROUNDUP: Companies get Corona economic aid longer

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier Bridging aid III is currently limited to the end of June. The ministries of economics and finance had negotiated an extension in the past few weeks. According to dpa information, companies should in future receive personnel cost assistance if they take employees out of short-time work benefits or hire […]

Scholz urges a clear announcement for the extension of economic aid

When asked about another economic stimulus program, Scholz said that politics was already very expansive. “For this year I expect good growth, maybe even better than many believe.” For 2020 to 2022 they will take on more than 400 billion euros in debt. “I think this decision is absolutely right – but that’s not a […]

Bafög, student loan & Co .: Demand for KfW loans explodes

Berlin The demand for student loans from the state-owned KfW banking group rose sharply in the Corona year 2020. The number of applications rose by a whopping 140 percent from 20,300 in 2019 to 48,560 last year. This is shown by the response of the federal government to a small request from the Green parliamentary […]

State development bank: KfW reports record loan volume

KfW in Frankfurt The state bank plays an essential role in combating the economic consequences of the corona pandemic. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The corona crisis has driven the demand for loans from the state KfW to a record level and at the same time left the promotional bank in the red. “In the first half […]