Companies hope for short-time work as a lifeline

Foundry in Hamburg The sharp rise in energy prices is causing many companies financial difficulties. (Photo: imago/photothek) Berlin The news hit the medium-sized textile manufacturer suddenly. His energy supplier announced that it would exit the gas business and end the gas and electricity supply contract at the end of September. “We were a bit unsure […]

First positive study results on adapted vaccine

MAINZ The data also showed that the matched booster provided “a significant increase in neutralizing antibody responses against omicron variants BA.4/BA.5” compared to before the booster. This reaction was seen in adults under and over 55 years of age. The adapted vaccine is well tolerated. “The early data suggest a favorable safety profile similar to […]

Virologists are concerned about the new corona variant “Centaurus”.

Positiver Corona-Test BA.2.75 has now also been detected in Germany. The new corona virus is still considered rare in this country. (Photo: IMAGO/Lobeca) Berlin The coronavirus has produced another omicron variant. Scientists around the world fear that the subline BA.2.75, also called “Centaurus”, could possibly spread quickly. It could also circumvent immunity from vaccines and […]

Emden shipyard Fosen Yard files for bankruptcy

EMDEN Fosen Yard is part of the Norwegian Fosen Group. The Norwegian shipbuilder took over the shipyard after filing for bankruptcy in 2019. Fosen Yard in Emden made a name for itself last year building oversized components for deep sea salmon farms. Most recently, an order for the construction of six new cargo ships should […]

Corporations are leaving Russia more for economic reasons

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The federal government only awards contracts to companies with a collective agreement

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil The SPD politician wants the government to set a good example. (Photo: dpa) Berlin For Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), the higher minimum wage of twelve euros planned for October 1st is only a first step towards more performance-based justice. “Above all, we need more proper collective agreements,” said Heil […]

Taxes 2021: How to get a lot of money from the tax office

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Economy: How delivery bottlenecks affect companies in the region

Plus In the industry, supply bottlenecks for semiconductors continue to cause problems. Companies in the region are also affected. In some cases, employees are sent on short-time work. from Sophia Huber and Susanne Klöpfer They are fine and barely visible to the eye, but are currently causing problems for many companies. The global supply bottlenecks […]

Daimler in Bremen: Lines stand still again – economy

By Markus Grabitz Markus Grabitz (M.Sc.)Profile September 23, 2021 – 5:57 p.m. The group would like to use the time when the production lines in the Bremen plant are idle for maintenance work. Photo: Daimler AG Because there are still delivery bottlenecks for semiconductors, the production lines at the Daimler plant in Bremen will come […]