Rugby pulls the shoulder

M. A. Barbero Updated:05/22/2020 02: 02h save In the worst moments is when the best of people arises. And also of the institutions. Within the world of sports the Rugby It is a very special modality, with values ​​of camaraderie and generosity that distinguish it from others; and in this area, the Cisneros It has […]

Ball: «Being at home has taken longer than recovering my shoulder»

Absent from the courts since November 17 due to a rupture of the labrum of the right shoulder (SLAP injury) that required surgical intervention, Álvaro Untoria has found a new obstacle called a state of alarm within a recovery process in which he was beginning to see the light. “He had started to solo ball […]

Fashion week: mountains and wonders

Fashion week Saturdays, make way for Japanese designers. In the space of a few hours, we see the parades of Junya Watanabe, Noir (in the morning), and Comme des Garcons (in the afternoon). And every Saturday of fashion week, we take full eyes. At the beginning of the morning, Junya Watanabe launches its collection in […]

Fashion week: fashion tales and legends

The invitation to the parade Loewe took the form of a vinyl on which appears the grinning face of Megan Rapinoe, contemporary heroine (she is one of the first sportsmen to come out), famous American football player (Ballon d’Or 2019) and muse of the season. Nothing really shows from this exchange in the latest collection […]