Tropical Wave will cause rains in 30 entities of the country

The SMN predicts rains in almost all the national territory. Stock Photo: Cuartoscuro MEXICO CITY The interaction between Tropical Wave number 11 with a low pressure channel over the Campeche Sound, will cause intense rains in Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca, as well as heavy point rains and intervals of showers in Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, […]

Preventive early warning in the capital for a new frontal system

The rains will return strongly to the central zone between next Friday and Saturday. This was announced during the afternoon of this Wednesday, July 1, the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, specifying that precipitation is expected “of normal to moderate intensity in pre-Cordillera and Cordillera sectors between the Valparaíso and Biobío regions”. The new front system “It […]

The “Cyclone bomb” left 10 dead in southern Brazil | Chronicle

Ten people died from the heavy rains and winds that since last tuesday they hit southern Brazil, while an individual is missing. Among the fatal victims, nine died in the state of Santa Catalina and one in Rio Grande do Sul. According to the Santa Catarina Governorate, 1.5 million people were without power throughout the […]

Showers and taps that flow wine in an Italian village | Global World Blog

Faucet pouring lambrusco wine in Castelvetro (Italy). the country Turn on the faucet and what happened. It sounds like a millionaire’s extravagance or a biblical miracle, but this is what happened last day four to some inhabitants of a hamlet of Castelvetro, a wine town in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna famous for its lambrusco. […]

Temperature drop and alert for Córdoba

After a week of intense heat in Córdoba, the National Weather Service anticipates a marked drop in temperature for this weekend, with the probability of storms. According to the forecast, the maximum temperature will reach 28 degrees this Saturday, and isolated storms will be recorded during the afternoon and night. For Sunday, meanwhile, a marked […]

2 New Case of Illness Illuminated by Reporting at Vernon Hills Senior Home – NBC Chicago

Two new cases of Legionnaires’ disease were reported in a senior house in the northern Vernon Suburbs, bringing the total to five, including one fatal case. The cases of serious respiratory disease were first reported to health officers in February Brookdale Senior Living, 145 N. Milwaukee Ave., according to the County Health Department. A spokesman […]

One Wet Weather Day was expected in Sunday Sunday – NBC Los Angeles

Cooler temperatures and cloudy sky on Saturday are likely to bring a lot of rain on Sunday. It is likely that the low clouds do not rain until just after midnight on Sunday, and probably not a large part of Southern California will only see a drizzle. However, some areas, such as the Long Beach […]