Volker Ullrich: Chronicle of the last week of the Third Reich after Hitler’s death

Siegfried Unseld was one of the first to know. As a marine radio operator, the then twenty-year-old Suhrkamp publisher was one of the radio squads that transmitted messages from the naval commander-in-chief, Grand Admiral Dönitz, in the last few weeks of the war. Unseld’s radio station at Dönitz’s improvised headquarters in Plön in Holstein was […]

“The defector”: Florian Gallenberger on oblivion to history

Siegfried Lenz has become the most filmed German post-war writer in recent years. Most recently, Christian Schwochow released “Deutschstunde” in the cinemas. Florian Gallenberger, director of “John Rabe” and “Colonia Dignidad” has now filmed “Der Überläufer” for ARD. The story of the soldier Walter Proska, who almost goes to the dogs in the Polish swamps […]

“The defector” on the ARD: This film is a serum

AWhen Siegfried Lenz submitted his second novel to the publisher at the beginning of the 1950s, his editor Otto Görner decided that the story of the flag refugee Walter Proska would be nothing under this title in the young Federal Republic. In 1946, Lenz heard that “The Defector” could have appeared. But not in 1952. […]