It’s a matter of time and you can come to overhead highways

For a long time now, the arrival of pantograph trucks has been a topic, and with them the appearance of overhead highways. Siemens Mobility has made several attempts to develop the system in collaboration with Mercedes and then Scania, but has failed to take the project to a more serious level – until now; they […]

Benefit from megatrends with Swiss stocks

Two-arm robots from ABB The Swiss company relies on robotics and electrification. (Photo: ABB Automation) Zürich Like the Dax, the Swiss leading index SMI is trading near its record high. But especially in the past three months, the Swiss stock exchange has clearly outperformed the broad German stock market. While the price index of the […]

For the benefit of the course success and the return

Düsseldorf It is considered typically German and the welfare state counter-model to capitalism: equal participation in companies. This means that employees and employers are represented on the supervisory board in equal numbers. There is no such sharp form in any other large industrial country. But on the stock exchange, the influence of employees is diminishing […]

The internship | Company internship

share Security that embodies a share in the capital of a stock corporation. It guarantees the owner membership rights (voting and election rights at the general assembly) and property rights (right to a share in profits, participation quota in capital increases or in the liquidation result). All articles on this technical term Beige Book The […]

Siemens Mobility build hydrogen trains for Bavaria

July 16, 2021 at 6:17 pm Siemens Mobility in Krefeld : Krefeld build hydrogen train for Bavaria The hydrogen-powered Mireo Plus H is to go into trial operation in Bavaria. The train will be built in Krefeld. Photo: Siemens AG / Siemens Krefeld The first special trips with a two-part hydrogen-powered regional train are to […]

German corporations show their colors – on Twitter

After the colorful reaction of numerous Bundesliga clubs to the UEFA decision, many corporations are now showing their solidarity. Zat least on the Internet. After the ban on rainbow lighting at the Munich EM arena, numerous institutions and companies have known their color on Twitter. Among other things, the profile pictures of BMW are now […]

Offenbach falls significantly behind in the ranking

Offenbach Anyone who wants to understand Offenbach should follow Matthias Schulze-Böing onto the viewing terrace of his workplace. There he sees two worlds: the outlines of the skyscraper of the European Central Bank (ECB) can be seen on the horizon – Frankfurt, the booming center of Germany’s financial world, is on the other side of […]

Most of the ICE trains are built in Uerdingen

June 1, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. 30 years of Intercity from Krefeld : The ICE story takes place in Uerdingen On June 2, 30 years ago, the German Federal Railroad began operating at top speed in Germany with initially 25 ICE trains. Siemens was involved in every vehicle in various constellations right from the start. […]

Doing business with Belarus is becoming a problem

Gas-Station in Minsk The Belarusian energy companies are all state-owned – and Siemens Energy customers. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Siemens Energy is to deliver a total of 16 gas turbines and other equipment for power plants from its plant in Sweden to Belarus. But business with the country of “Europe’s last dictator”, as the autocratic ruling […]

Samuel Morillon, CEO of Siemens Energy: “The service: Le Havre life insurance”

Posted on 05/24/2021 at 6:14 pm The number one of the group which owns Dresser Rand in Le Havre confirms the elimination of 272 positions. It advances “exemplary social dialogue” and defends the service activity, “life insurance” of the Le Havre site. Interview with Samuel Morillon, CEO of Siemens Energy. L n September 1, 2020, […]