The freighter is stuck in the simulated “WHATEVER” Steam funny mini game, on the release day “will be on board when the ship is ready” | 4Gamers

Looking back on this spring, the incident caused by Inka’s long-sale freighter on the Suez Canal has become one of the most eye-catching international focus. Now some developers have been inspired to create a freighter simulation game that will let you get stuck at will. , “WHATEVER”. Obviously, the name of “WHATEVER” is taken from […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Dizzying Rise of the Flight Simulator!

Flight Simulator. On August 18, Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrated its founding. However, today’s simulation is still in its infancy. Showing up at Gamescom for several important update announcements to come in the coming months, she still sees growth at a high rate for years to come. For this 6th update, available for free until September […]