Lower Saxony: Corona incidence is 116.8 | NDR.de – News

Status: 02/26/2023 09:02 a.m The corona incidence has fallen again in Lower Saxony. The value is currently below the national average of 119.1. Further corona data for the state and your municipality can be found on this page. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) only had a slightly lower number again on Sunday Seven-day incidence of […]

Corona incidence in Lower Saxony falls slightly to 89.3 | NDR.de – News

Status: 02/13/2023 06:33 a.m Since the beginning of February, people in Lower Saxony no longer have to take a PCR test after a positive corona self-test. The seven-day incidence has since fallen. You can find more Corona data here. According to the RKI, the incidence value is on Monday 89,3. So it has fallen slightly, […]

Corona in Lower Saxony: Incidence drops to 96.5 | NDR.de – News

Status: 02/10/2023 06:46 a.m With the end of further corona rules, NDR Lower Saxony has stopped its daily push messages. Current figures from your region can still be found here. The incidence value will be with on Friday 96,5 specified. At the lecture he had a little higher at 97,5 located. The value is thus […]

Lower Saxony and Corona: Incidence drops to 381.8 | NDR.de – News

Status: 04.12.2022 09:24 am The corona incidence in Lower Saxony fell slightly on Sunday. In a national comparison, however, the state is still clearly ahead. Across Germany, the seven-day incidence is 199.4. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has a seven-day incidence of for Lower Saxony on Sunday 381,8 reported. It has therefore fallen slightly: on […]

Corona: Incidence in Lower Saxony drops to 377.2 | NDR.de – News

Status: 06.11.2022 08:24 Lower Saxony only transmits current data on new infections and deaths on weekdays. According to the State Health Office, the data will be bundled and sent to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on the next working day and published the next day. However, the value of the seven-day incidence remains current. On […]

Corona in Lower Saxony: Incidence falls to 579.3 | NDR.de – News

Status: 27.10.2022 06:51 a.m The seven-day incidence has fallen again. The day before, the value was still 599.0. Here you will find the data for the state and your municipality. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Thursday 9.258 new infections reported in Lower Saxony. the seven-day incidencei.e. the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants […]

Corona: No current figures for Lower Saxony today | NDR.de – News

Status: 07/11/2022 09:29 am Lower Saxony transmits the corona data collected from the weekend to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) every Monday. They only appear in the statistics on Tuesday. The RKI points out that changes in the seven-day incidence compared to the previous day are only based on a change in the reference period […]