Booster against Corona: For whom are further vaccinations useful?

A man from Magdeburg had himself vaccinated against Corona a whopping 87 times last summer – probably mainly to get vaccination certificates in this way, which he then sold on to vaccination skeptics who wanted to circumvent the corona restrictions without being vaccinated . Investigators uncovered this curious case in early April. Is the 62-year-old […]

USA: Full approval of the Biontech vaccine failed to convince vaccine skeptics

Many Americans who did not want to be vaccinated against Corona last summer often gave the reason for their reluctance that they did not trust the conditional approval of the vaccine by the FDA. This conditional approval expresses the fact that we do not know enough about the safety of the vaccines. In August, however, […]

Those vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer may be happy, but sinopharmacists shouldn’t worry either

The protection of Videoton Holding’s employees vaccinated against coronavirus is constantly being investigated, the latest results were reported by based on the information of Ottó Sinkó, the company’s co-CEO. Daily measurements at the company show that the strongest protection against coronavirus is provided by mRNA vaccines like Moderna or Pfizer. The protection of killed […]

WHO Suggests Elderly Recipients of Sinovac-Sinopharm Vaccine Get the Third Dose

Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) has begun to soften to administering a third or booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The WHO vaccine expert group recommends people with immune problems and the elderly get a booster. Quoted from the official United Nations website, Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE), said seniors aged […]

30 billion forints of Sinopharm vaccine is available in Hungarian warehouses

We used only half of the vaccines received so far At the current rate of vaccination, inventories will only increase Then after a while, their warranty simply expires The government has unrealistically bought many Chinese vaccines, of which we have already donated 4.5 billion forints, and 30 billion are in stock Increasingly, but occasionally, the […]

There was a serious warning from Austria about Sputnik and Sinopharm

In the province of Salzburg, Austria, hotel and restaurant operators are urging a solution to the problem of the status of hundreds of seasonal workers in Eastern Europe vaccinated with an oriental vaccine not recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Those vaccinated with the Sputnik or Sinopharm vaccine should either be re-vaccinated with an […]

the ranking of Argentines with fewer second doses and more Covid

Much has been speculated about the “vaccine vote”: how it will impact the performance of the immunization campaign against the Covid and the management of the pandemic in the next elections. The PASO of September 12 will be a rehearsal that, like any rehearsal, contemplates the error and the chance of correction. It is presumed […]

Laos is open to Thai people. “Covid vaccination” “Pfizer” simple conditions, if not met “Sino Farm”

Health Education Information Center Lao People’s Democratic Republic Public relations to Thai people who live in Lao PDR who can not receiveCovid-19 vaccine Others can be given.”covid vaccination” “Pfizer” (Pfizer) like a Laotian byConditions of eligible Thai people “Covid vaccine” “Pfizer” (Pfizer) that is, must havepassport or permission to stay in the Lao PDR and […]