Administration: a one-stop shop and a permanence, on weekends, for MRE | Consonews

A circular from the Minister of the Interior, released at the end of last week, ordered the decentralized services of this department to set up a one-stop shop for Moroccans in the diaspora. This one-stop shop aims to facilitate all administrative procedures for MRE. It will operate during the weekends thanks to a system of […]

During the holidays, learn a new language on your smartphone | Consonews

Get ready to organize your trip as best as possible, without neglecting communication with the locals! In recent years, several applications have offered their users to learn a new language online on their smartphone. We have selected three for you. Babbel, the eldest Founded in 2007 in Germany, Babbel, a Berlin start-up offers to learn […]

Samsung: critical flaws spotted in preinstalled smartphone applications | Consonews

Samsung is currently singled out for installing by default certain applications on its smartphones that incorporate major security vulnerabilities. Oversecured’s Sergey Toshin thus sheds light on a dozen flaws spotted on Samsung smartphones, 3 of which are considered particularly critical. It was as part of a bug bounty program that the researcher shared his findings […]

Bus: fare increase in Rabat-Salé | Consonews

Bus fares will have to increase in Rabat-Salé and regions once the delegated management contract between the city and the Alsa-City bus group comes into force. These are in fact several progressive increases made throughout the contract which lasts 15 years with the possibility of an extension of 7 years. Thus, the bus fare will […]

What are the favorite smartphone brands by country? | Consonews

More than half of the world’s population (3.8 billion people) own a smartphone. Two brands, Samsung and Apple, first concentrated sales in a hegemonic way until the Chinese manufacturers, Huawei, Xiaomi or Oppo, disrupt this Korean and American domination. This new market sharing has above all shown that innovations in smartphones have reached a stage […]

Drugs: a new lower price list | Consonews

Good news for all 34 million consumers, the sick of them in particular! Indeed, the Ministry of Health has just announced yesterday, Friday March 30, the fall in the prices of 67 drugs. These are drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases, asthmatic, contagious diseases, high blood pressure, antibiotics, drugs to reduce the level of […]