Smart # 1 2022 | Lead

The very length of the very first Smart was 2.5 meters, and even the second model did not exceed 2.7 meters. In comparison, the first new generation of the brand, Smart # 1, which has been a joint venture between German Daimler and Chinese Geely since 2019, has not a full body length but a […]

Smart # 1 presents itself as a stylish electric SUV with a range of up to 440 km

The carmaker has deviated significantly from the original direction and presents its first electric SUV. The Smart brand had little, but in the end Mercedes-Benz retained it by merging with the Chinese company Geely, which created another Sino-German automobile company. In addition, together with the new ownership structure, the brand comes with a new style […]

Crossover smart #1 will open a new range of the brand – Autoreview

From now on, smart cars will be under the sign of the lattice. The combination of the # symbol with a serial number will go to all future models, and the old Smarts “do not count” – in commemoration of the new era of the smart brand, the counter has been reset. The first model […]