It turns out that Alvin, a junior high school boy who helps the firefighters open routes in Bogor, is a student with achievements and dreams of becoming the TNI Page all

Rewrite this content BOGOR, – Alvin Alfarizqi (14), a student whose viral video helped open a path for fire engines (Damkar) stuck in traffic jams on Jalan Raya Empang, Bogor Trade Mall (BTM) area, turned out to be an outstanding student. Alvin is a student who registered through the achievement route at State 7 […]

SMPN 1 Surabaya students dare to jump from the 2nd floor of the school building – A student at SMPN 1 Surabaya allegedly accidentally jumped from the second floor of the school building on Jalan Pacar, Ketabang, Genteng, Surabaya, Friday (25/11/2022). Acting Head of the Surabaya Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Hidayat Syah said, in the officer’s report the incident occurred around 07.38 WIB. Also Read: Cases of Violence […]

Angry Student Reprimanded by Sidoarjo Police, Apologizes

Students who were angry when they were reprimanded and secured by the police for not wearing helmets on Jalan Jati Raya, Sidoarjo Regency, Monday (21/11/2022) morning, finally apologized. “I apologized to the police earlier that I will not do it again. Especially to my mother, I apologize,” he said while at the Sidoarjo Polresta office. […]

4 Depok Junior High School Students Dragged by Twin Curug Currents, Three Found Dead

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Four junior high school students were swept away by the current while camping at Twin waterfallsBatulayang Village, Cisarua District, Regency Bogor, Wednesday (12/10). Of the four who were swept away, three were found dead. “Three were found dead and one person is still being sought,” said the Bogor Regency BPBD Pusdalops […]