Husband of Arelys Henao appeared in Caracol’s novel and melted several women

This week, the novel about the famous popular music singer, Arelys Henao, came to an end. The compliments were enough in networks, and the vast majority of viewers were happy with the last minutes of the production. The outcome began with Arelys undergoing surgery due to a problem she was having with her vocal cords. […]

Clara Estrada beat cancer, lives with lupus and sticks to positivism

The journalist is 48 years old, has 2 daughters and lives alone, since is self-sufficient despite his health problems, as he showed in ‘The informants’, Canal Caracol program. 20 years ago they found a grade 3 cancer in the cartilage that is located at the birth of the hip and they gave him a 30% […]

Yeison Jiménez, jury of ‘My name is’, suffered an accident in a truck

It was Jiménez himself, in his social networks, who confirmed that he had suffered a car accident in which the vehicle’s tires were affected. It was a video that showed the truck, with its tires in terrible condition and completely blown. The vehicle was on the side of the road and tilted to one side. […]

Did Jesús Navarro give up on ‘La voz senior’?

It all happened in the battle that took place between Lucho Sánchez and William Winchester, this tuesday in ‘The voice’. The first one sang ‘La venia bendita’ while the Caleño played it with ‘Mi gran noche’. With the display of talent of both, belonging to the team of Andres cepeda, ‘Chui’ Navarro did not save […]

Natalia Jiménez had to apologize to the participant of ‘La voz’ who cried

The song was well performed, but nonetheless none of the judges of ‘The voice’ turn. And it is that the piece is so sad that the program’s diamond was filled with a nostalgia that spread. Jesús Navarro told Don Gerardo that he sings very beautifully, but that his complaint was the level of regret the […]

how the actors look after 19 years

The cast of ‘Deadly Sins’ had several of the great figures of the small screen nationwide, who for 162 episodes recreated the curious definition of a family heritage. Among those actors were the late Frank Ramírez (Evaristo Salinas), Teresa Gutiérrez (Doris Salinas) and Chela del Río (Felicia González), icons in Colombia who shone in this […]

revealed that she bathes her children with holy water

Since Salvador was born last March, Carolina Cruz has been quite active in the different social networks and has constantly published everything related to the child’s health status, who suffers from torticollis. (Also read: Lincoln Palomeque appeases critics with video of Salvador, a day after what he published) Carolina Cruz bathes her children with holy […]

memes do not stop harassing Natalia Jiménez for her decisions

The jury, who is recognized for their preference for ranchera music, faced a difficult decision in ‘The voice Kids’, when had Mia, Angelyn and Alan in the same battle. Mia started the presentation with ‘I’m going to miss’, the song she performs Ricardo Montaner, and put the note high up. After, Angelyn it added flavor […]