Stronger franc, more expensive mortgages and fewer fees

The Swiss National Bank raised its key interest rate to 0.5 percent today. The step was expected and will have consequences for the entire economy. Thomas Jordan, President of the Swiss National Bank, at a media conference. The SNB has announced that it will raise its key interest rate to 0.5 percent. – Keystone Ad […]

SNB makes a loss of CHF 30 billion in three months

DThe Swiss National Bank (SNB) closed the first quarter of 2022 with a loss of CHF 32.8 billion. This corresponds to 32.1 billion euros. The marginal difference between the Swiss franc and the euro amount explains part of the huge loss at the beginning of the year. The Swiss currency is considered a safe haven […]

[Schweizerische Nationalbank bietet neue Repogeschäfte an]

This creates the possibility of indexing the repo rate for repo transactions directly to the SNB key rate. This increases the SNB’s flexibility in controlling money market interest rates. In contrast to a repo transaction with a fixed repo rate, the repo rate for an indexed repo transaction is calculated as the average of the […]

Borrowers need not fear an immediate explosion in interest rates

Central banks around the world are announcing imminent rate hikes. Accordingly, this should also threaten Switzerland. Does this mean the end of the dream of owning your own home? Thomas Jordan, President of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief Interest rates will soon be raised in the US and […]